Mobile app development trends

December 30, 2015 by in category mobile App

The mobile app development business is thriving and continued to evolve year after year. In 2015, we saw mobile app market maturing from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and internet of Things. There was also an increased focus on app analytics and mobile app promoting. Rapid Mobile Development Enterprises are having a tough time [...]

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Role of Creativity in Online Video Marketing

December 29, 2015 by in category Digital marketing

Brands, businesses and startups are quick adopting online video promoting as a valuable tool in their marketing arsenal. Considering that video promoting depends on the ability of messages being shared through social media, blogs, publications, PR and search, how far will sensible creative get you? Could be a killer plan enough to do the trick [...]

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Tips to handle the social media

December 28, 2015 by in category SMO

Social media is currently easy to handle. There’s no need of staying online all the day spherical and undergo the comments of the followers. If you're trying to promote a selected product or event on the social media, the simplest approach applicable is to go through the social media surfing and design the programming of [...]

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Search Engine Optimize Steps for Website-Part 2

December 24, 2015 by in category SEO, webdesigning

The remaining steps to take into account for SEO are as fallows. It includes off page as well as on page. Take note of word count. Though it’s been a classic rule that “readers online don't read”, it merely doesn’t mean that one must deprive the web users of excellent, meaty content. Stick with a [...]

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Search Engine Optimize Steps for Website-Part 1

December 23, 2015 by in category SEO, webdesigning

Content is a king in the search engine optimization(SEO).most of the prime positioned website in the search engine ranking are due to extraordinary link building campaigns but after you mention visitant loyalty and traffic retention, it will require smart optimized content. Spend the time for the good content that is worth full Firstly we write [...]

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Tips for ecommerce business promotion

December 22, 2015 by in category ecommerce

You may assume that the most effective way to promote your business is through a diversified promoting set up — and it ought to be. But simply how many avenues should you concentrate on? There are so many choices. Not all of them, however, will generate leads that convert to sales. The key's to narrow [...]

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Managing Online Display Campaign

December 21, 2015 by in category Digital marketing

Why Display Advertising It is similar to Search ads, you can buy them on a cost-per-click basis or cost per thousand basis ,both will work you just have to figure out which is best for your business. And you can also use graphics to your ads; by this you can increase the branding value of [...]

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Tips for better E-commerce PCC campaign

December 19, 2015 by in category Digital marketing, ecommerce

Paid search advertising, more commonly called as Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a key component to get immediate leads for growing your business. This additionally represents the “digital handshake” between a business and a buyer who are seeking a product or service using keywords to search out them in Google or alternative search engines. [...]

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Which platform to choose for App development

December 18, 2015 by in category mobile App

Choose IOS first? Our general advice is to begin with the iOS platform first. Further, several apps ought to first launch on the iPhone itself. The reasons usually are driven by demographics, cost, and speed to market. In addition, during the first stages of any app, there ought to be a significant amount of learning [...]

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Comparison between Android and IOS APP

December 17, 2015 by in category mobile App

The Big question Mark is “first in which platform app has to be build”, based on the cost of apps the answer to this question varies. For instance, a large media company has a totally different audience and additional significant resources when compared to an early-stage startup. An early-stage startup that has no app yet [...]

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