Best Social Networks for Content Curation.

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images (2)The problem with creating content all the time, however, is that it’s improbably time consuming. in addition, even if you had the time, you might not have the inspiration, or ideas, to create content multiple times per day on multiple channels.

That’s where content curation will save your life.

Becoming a content curator may be a little bit of work up front, however once you’ve got a system in place, it will save you tons of time. You’ll be able to curate content and share it along with your followers in only a couple of minutes a day

But for now, let’s have a look at which social media networks lend themselves best to curating content.

Remember: once you’re curating content, confirm it’s associated with your brand. for example, if you’re an accountant that focuses on small businesses, any hints or tips you’ll be able to find about taxes, accounting, or small business practices is fair game to share. You’d want to remain away from, say fitness tips and recipes, as those are not associated with your brand.


Twitter is my #1 content curation tool. Facebook posts have a lifespan of a couple of hours, but Tweets have a lifespan of only a few minutes. i would like to recommend to beginners that they tweet about three times each day, morning, noon and night. However, more advanced users will tweet much more, and still get away with it.

These days, on average, I tweet concerning 17 times each day. a number of those are @replies and conversations, some are tweets concerning content I’ve created, like blog posts, but usually around 5 tweets per day are curated tweets — ones I’ve shared from reliable sources that I follow.


Now that organic reach has become so low on Facebook pages (less than 10 percent), many of us are posting more usually to their pages in an attempt to induce better numbers.

I love the Facebook scheduling tool. You’ll be able to sit down and schedule up a complete week’s worth of posts in one sitting. I recommend a minimum of one post per day on Facebook, however if you are doing multiple posts (say, 3 a day), confirm you schedule them to travel out at different times of the day.

And don’t forget to use visuals and video — they’re doing rather well right now. Inspect Post Planner — lots of great content here and you’ll be able to schedule it to Facebook from right inside Post Planner.

There are lots of industry websites and blogs that publish weekly digests of their favourite blog posts and articles that you’ll be able to use to search out content that’s popular in your business.


How might you apply this concept to your business? Well, to go back to our accountant example, you may send a monthly e-newsletter to your clients with several nice articles or resources that include tips on small business or accounting. create your content thus great that they can’t wait to see your email in their inbox every month!


Pinterest is one among the highest curation tools. Pinterest permits you to create “boards,” to which you’ll be able to “pin” or bookmark, blog posts, articles, and resources to that you would like to come back to later.

But in contrast to browser bookmarking, Pinterest is public, people will re-pin your stuff, and it has the potential to travel viral. Our accountant might create boards for “Tax time,” “Savings,” “Small Business Hacks,” or “Retirement.” they may then pin to these boards, any articles that they know are going to be useful. Lastly, they will get back to these articles once they need content to share on their other networks, like Facebook and Twitter.


While many of us still think of YouTube as being largely for cat videos, there’s also a large amount of great content on here. You’ll notice plenty of tutorials here, and you can create playlists of this content on your own account. So, for example, our accountant, for instance, could curate a list of videos that teach excel shortcuts and hacks.

Now that we’ve had a look at which social networks work best for content curation, in coming days , we’ll look at some of the tools you’ll be able to use to curate content.

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