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images (15)Advertisers concerned that a three-second video view on Facebook isn’t enough to induce their message across can currently explicitly ask for additional.

Facebook in the week extended the choice to bid for 10-second video views on a cost-per-view basis. The corporate had been testing the CPV bidding possibility since June; now it’s available for all advertisers globally.

Facebook said it’s enabling this feature for advertisers “who worth price certainty for video views or value video views as their primary performance metric,” but the corporate still believes that brands are better served by optimizing for reach, frequency and overall video views (even short ones).

“For the vast majority of brand name marketers, auction optimized for video views, the brand awareness objective and/or shopping for via reach and frequency are the most optimal bidding choices,” Facebook wrote in a selling Partners post.

“These choices are the simplest way to predict and control delivery, which we know enhance brand metrics and maximize ROI.

We additionally understand that delivering a brand’s full message is very important to our advertisers also. For advertisers who prioritise read period, CPV bidding is likely the proper selection for them. Please note that, similar to other auction buys, CPV bidding won’t have the predictability and management that a reach and frequency campaign can have.”

Facebook cited a Nielsen study that it commissioned earlier this year that found even terribly brief video impressions produce raise in ad recall, brand awareness and buy thought.

For the vast majority of brand name marketers, auction optimized for video views, the brand awareness objective and/or buying via reach and frequency are the foremost optimal bidding choices. These choices are the simplest thanks to predict and management delivery, which we all know enhance brand metrics and maximize ROI (return on investment).

Facebook has begun making known ad consumers on its new approach, folks within the trade aforementioned. Its ads ar sold through electronic auctions, therefore its potential marketers can land up paying a lot of for the 10-second possibility.

The dust-up over Facebook’s video ads is expounded to a bigger discussion within the digital media world over what ought to count as a “viewable” ad. Marketers and publishers have been sparring over the difficulty, which is turning into a key variable in how money is spent within the $145 billion global digital ad market.

Video has proved an particularly difficult subset of this discussion. WPP’s GroupM, which controls an estimated $105 billion value of annual ad spending around the globe for marketers such as Unilever, Ford Motor and dell, said it currently expects to only pay for video ads that are initiated by users instead of launched automatically; played with volume rather than muted by default; and viewed more than half-way through. Facebook’s ads fall short of those requirements.

Facebook argues that its ads provide worth to advertisers the instant they’ displayed,  without sound . The company said it was providing the 10-second option after receiving feedback from advertising partners.

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