Mistakes to be avoided in website designing to get good SEO

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Are you planning to start building a website? If you are, then ask some queries from yourself before creation that on which technique/approach (user experience, fantastic design or SEO optimization), ought to i need to focus primarily?

However, the mind-blowing design and animation can augment the visitors’ retention, however think about the target and understand that beautifully-designed site is not an end to achieve maximum prospects.

Ignoring SEO will cut down the success of a website at point of your time, thus don’t limit your business possibilities, especially once you wish to form it reputed. So, provide your best endeavours to utilize the designing options and build your site optimized according to the trendy SEO methods. You’ll be able to take help from SEO specialist and make a fruitful bridge between SEO and design of website to bring back it on the track of success. But, invariably avoid impending design, which might hurt your website and its optimization negatively.

Some web site designing Trends That Hurt SEO

  • Mobile optimization5 dec 15 1 image

Google has been started flagging up those websites that are improperly optimized across mobile and smart handheld devices. If you at random pick any mobile device to open any non mobile-optimized site via the most popular search engine named Google, then it redirects you to the default homepage and Google will warn you that website cannot run properly on this device. This wondering result can compel the users to leave the webpage. Google has created the items simple and tie the mobile websites with parent url to produce you better user experience. Additional take care is required and you are susceptible to matching content, especially once you search mobile-only sites.

  • Parallax Design
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Among the trendy site design trends, parallax design is the prevalent one these days, so you can’t deny continuously rising parallax scrolling effects. But, it is drastically impacting SEO. Obviously, it raises an alarm bell from SEO perspectives because the worth of whole website is considered by the keywords that are spread out across one URL.

In short, parallax design adopts the scrolling effects, which appears fine, but truth is simply opposite and it is executed poorly. Furthermore, it affects UX in negative way.

  • Fixed navigation & UX Design

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Another major trend of webdesign style for 2015 is UX design & fixed navigation. This is often not only due to the reason that Google will give preference to flashy user interfaces. Without an effective UX design, it’s extremely tough to come back the users on a website. Compelling content and perfect keyword research doesn’t work unless your website provides intuitive user expertise. So, bring the fashionable SEO rules and apply them adeptly into the websites to make it search engine optimized.

Due to the inclusion of inauspicious things and bad user experience, your potential niche may say goodbye to you. Hence, avoid the usage of fixed navigation, which leads your website towards the low search ranking. The fixed positioning and stumbling block don’t support completely to distinct mobile browsers, so it might cause while running through small mobile devices.

  • Animations & Effects

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The demand of users is dynamic quickly and currently everyone needs engaging visual experience. With the trendy technologies, the scale of the website designing has conjointly widened, that provides additional rooms & opportunities to developers to include pictures, effects and animations and build the site appealing. The websites overlade with graphics can offer terrible experience to the users on different mobile devices like smartphone, iPads, tablets, etc. trouble with the use of significant pictures and enormous quantity of content is sort of these rely on Ajax loading content, which isn’t being indexed by Google. However, search engines have brought advancements in script understanding, but why to take risk for the site.

  • Off-screen Navigation

Same with the fixed navigation and UX Design issues, off-screen navigation additionally hurts SEO. You may see a “hamburger” symbol, when it comes into play that is used to showcase & hide the mobile nav menu. Like mounted navigation, it directly impacts page ranking. Sometimes, this approach creates confusion, because several visitors don’t understand hamburger symbol and they surprise to visualize such things. because of that, users can leave the page and go elsewhere.

  • Single Page website

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One of the foremost trendy approaches, single page website design is consistently killing SEO, because with these sites, you’ll be able to focus only on 1 or 2 keywords. And, if you endeavour to optimize the page of your website more, then the content offered on same page might turn into negligible on-page SEO. Google is smarter than you to judge, so don’t try to make it fool, because it’s going to impact your website and hurt it. If you are trying to cheat Google, then the chances to dock you are more.


The implementation of all preceding mistakes may end up as the major mistake, which could break the expansion of a website rapidly. So, despite doing such things while designing a good website, take a good step in order, which can turn your website into worthy and most popularly searched design.

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