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imagesThe mobile app development business is thriving and continued to evolve year after year. In 2015, we saw mobile app market maturing from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and internet of Things. There was also an increased focus on app analytics and mobile app promoting.

Rapid Mobile Development

Enterprises are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for mobile apps. With these growing demands, businesses are expecting to launch their product faster than ever. The most focus of mobile app developers would be to shorten the development lifecycles and reduce the timeframe between thinking to launch. We can expect to see some more rapid app development tools and frameworks in the market. Recently, we launched an answer to satisfy our customers’ expectations to launch their apps quicker. This mobile development answer was conceived beneath the philosophy of delivering continuous worth to customers, at each stage of building their app with main ingredients being fast to promote and rapid Iterations. The response from the market and our customers has been fantastic.

Cloud Driven

The cloud technology can play a key role in mobile app development in 2015. With the upsurge within the usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable tech, app developers can need to specialise in the ability to integrate and synchronize their apps on multiple devices. The cloud approach can change developers to create their applications which will be accessed on multiple devices with same functions, features and data. At July, we’ve an award winning cloud based app development platform to assist our customers build mobile apps which will be accessed on multiple devices with same functionality and content. The platform helps them create apps rapidly without any technical knowledge.

Wearable tech

Thanks to Apple Watch, wearable Technology was one amongst the most hottest topic in tech and shopper electronics industries in 2014. until now apps for wearable devices were principally focused on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2015 wearable devices are expected to be employed by enterprises to improve their productivity and potency. There also are plenty of noise around fashion and textile industries adopting wearable technology. Bottom line, mobile app developers will be moving their focus from smartphones to additional on wearable device applications for enterprises and various industries

M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments

According to eMarketer, 19 of retail ecommerce sales in 2014 will be made on a smartphone or tablet. various analysts believe this positive trend can continue over the next 4 years as more and additional consumers adapt to m-commerce. using a mobile phone to pay or purchase rather than debit or credit cards will also become more common in 2015 with Apple Pay and Google wallet. this may allow developers to build mobile apps that can process transactions without the need of physical debit/credit cards or cash.

App promoting

Mobile App promoting techniques still evolve each year. In 2014, the app marketers were more focussed on user engagement than user acquisition. With user engagement focused , more and additional marketers and developers have started to understand the importance of organic users as these users were additional loyal and engaged than the users acquired through other paid channels. App Store optimization will continue to be a key think about creating an app successful in 2015.

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