Role of Creativity in Online Video Marketing

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images (10)Brands, businesses and startups are quick adopting online video promoting as a valuable tool in their marketing arsenal. Considering that video promoting depends on the ability of messages being shared through social media, blogs, publications, PR and search, how far will sensible creative get you? Could be a killer plan enough to do the trick or, conversely, are you able to put lipstick on a pig if you have a hefty enough paid media budget?

The key steps in building and execution an online video promoting campaign which will ultimately generate return on investment include establishing the goals, defining measurable objectives, strategy, video promoting techniques, developing the creative and producing the video(s). Once that’s settled, you’ll proceed with the video launch, measurement and reactive engagement.

I don’t list “developing the creative” as the first priority because unless you know what you’re trying to attain with the video, who you’re trying to succeed in and what you want to happen once you reach them, you can’t predictively come up with inventive which will achieve the goals.

Many otherwise entertaining videos fail because they reach an entire heap of the incorrect audience, don’t reach enough of the proper audience or don’t convey what the marketer needs the audience to do once they are reached.

Well crafted artistic is what going to carry a video from has paid to earned views, produce meaningful conversation online and ultimately drive action.

Effective creative vs Paid marketing

Picture at one extreme we’ve got a video with a clear message but creative that isn’t terribly engaging, entertaining or share-worthy. On the other extreme we’ve got a very entertaining, sharable video that has very little or no message or call to action.

Tip too close to the previous and you are paying for each single view, sinking a larger budget into the campaign, which defeats the conception of online video marketing. Tip too close to the latter and you’ve got lots of views — but no one is doing anything you wish them to do.

The secret is to find that creative balance among entertainment worth, message and call-to-action — and if attainable, let the creative be the message.

A video that has many views but generates very little online conversation and few real comments indicates a situation during which there was a significant paid media purchase — however the creative didn’t lead to organic sharing.

The end conversions could also be favorable, but the quantity spent might not justify the goals met.

Conversely, a video with millions of views that has engaged and impressed the proper viewers and influencers can have many comments and online conversation, indicating that the video found an audience.

When a campaign transitions from paid views to attained views, the cost per view goes down, the measurable objectives are met, goals are achieved and therefore the campaign is successful.

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